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Fresh Eyes is dedicated to helping media owners, advertisers and agencies deal with the constant challenges of performance, growth, change and strategy.  We make a measurable difference to your business or brand, help you define and understand the business challenges, identify solutions and support you in making change happen quickly.

Fresh Eyes will :

         See things you might not

         Give a balanced, honest and unemotional view

         Bring experience, fresh perspective and ideas

         Add brainpower and an extra pair of hands to the business

         Support time hungry people to make decisions, agree solutions and make change happen


The partners in the business are well known and highly regarded in UK Media, Andrew runs the Media Owner practice and Marie the Advertiser and Agency practice. You can read more about our specific skills and experience in the Profiles section.

Between us we have over 40 years of experience working for and with world leading media brands, media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers. We provide a broad range of Services through 2 core practices. 

Media Owner practice

Advertiser and Agency practice

Whatever your challenge, we work with you from early stage thinking right through to implementation and can get involved with you in a number of ways:

         We can work discreetly on individual projects

         We can be part of your team in solving business challenges

         We can lead a team and process for you


So if you need Fresh Eyes to help make your business more successful, then Contact Us.  We’d love to help.